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 Your dream-like Conan movie

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Cromulus The Destroyer

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PostSubject: Re: Your dream-like Conan movie   Wed 3 Dec - 2:37

Well atleast you speak english at the end and the other guy gets to make out with his girlfriend at the very end,haha! Wink
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Pit Fighter

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PostSubject: Re: Your dream-like Conan movie   Wed 3 Dec - 23:44

Flaming Turd wrote:
Frost Giant Daughter is great for a short film, though for a long movie it would need a lot more plot and that would lack the short story as it is, I think. But in terms of a 15-20 minutes film, it's perfect from start to end.

Perhaps you misunderstood my suggestion, I just thought it (The Frost Giant's Daughter) would be a cool way to open the film and then roll opening credits ala James Bond style...

The Youtube movie was interesting, so have you done any other acting jobs?
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Flaming Turd

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PostSubject: Re: Your dream-like Conan movie   Thu 4 Dec - 16:59

Mmm, your proposition is cool. thumleft You know, Neal Adams made a storyboard for "Conan the Barbarian", which was unused, and his idea was a prologue ala James Bond.

I've been studying acting for years, and doing theatre pieces and so. This last 4 years I've been busy in a school, with no time to do any other thing really. Actually i'm preparing a personal project for small theatres with a friend who will direct me. I'm excited as it will be my very first personal creation. Been doing shortfilms by other people like that one, some good some horrible, now I feel like it's my time. Never been in tv or cinema though some friends of mine have and some actually are. It's only a matter of time, each person has it's moments in life, when you are prepared, things happen. I would like to have the experience of working in cinema, though this present moment of my life is all I really need, at this point.

The only thing I really desire is creating something digne and with heart, I can feel proud of. I have only done that kind of stuff in theatre with lots of time, patience, researching and rehearsals. Shortfilms are cool cause I an show them to friends and so, but i'm not really proud of those, you know. Still, some amateur shortfilms are way better than some TV shit, can you believe that.
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PostSubject: Re: Your dream-like Conan movie   

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Your dream-like Conan movie
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