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 The New CONAN movie script and some of my thoughts

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Cromulus The Destroyer

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PostSubject: The New CONAN movie script and some of my thoughts   Wed 22 Apr - 18:51

It is a so-so script/story and may be a half decent imitation of CONAN THE BARBARIAN which we all love (as it's doubtful we'll ever get what we really want these days unfortunately). Combining a few elements R.E. HOWARD but more so a remake/re-adaptation of Stone's/Milius' 1982 classic with elements of 300, KULL THE CONQUEROR, WILLOW and STAR WARS to name a few that I noticed after the first read. The movie is a origin and revenge piece, same as CONAN THE BARBARIAN.


The opening of the movie is rather like very much similar to Stone's and Milius', except Conan's warrior mother gets killed fighting some raiding Aesir warriors. As one of the warriors cuts her belly, out comes Conan. She names the baby Conan right before she dies (which is much like Padme from STAR WARS - REVENGE OF THE SITH).

Conan's father (named Corin) is a mix of Uncle Owen (from STAR WARS - A NEW HOPE) and Stone's/Milus' Father character. He's always trying to shield Conan from conflict and his known (well rather, unknown) destiny... which only after he dies does Conan set out to do (rather like Luke).

There is some small skirmish with a 12 year old Conan, and he manages to wipe out 5 Pictish invaders. I guess this was inserted to show Conan's natural Cimmerian fighting ability. There is a forge scene, which is very important in this movie. There is even h imitation Anvil of Crom/Riddle of Steel dialogue and scenes present.

They use names for Conan's friend sand fellow Cimmerians which are Slaine and Connor, like from HIGHLANDER and that Euro comic book character I suppose, lol.

The Thulsa Doom character or rather replacement is a villain too much of Khan Noonien Singh from WRATH OF KHAN, he even uses worms on people to turn and bend them to his will. In fact, the evil Warlord's name is Khalar Singh.

He comes to Cimmeria in search of some prophecy, but later on it's revealed he's just building some kinda army and harem as he searches for some 'Queen' throughout Hyboria, which can and will unlock the powers of Ancient Acheron for him and thus ressurect that evil kingdom. So there is no search for steel, but rather women, lol. At first, he comes to the village demanding the Cimmerians to hand over their women and the villagers would be spared, of course Cimmerians wont kneel to him. So he blows a horn and legions appear, the Cimmerians manage to manhandle his legions, but as his legions appear, the Cimmerians call upon their own back up, wolves. And then as the Cimmerians and wolves are winning the battle, Singh blows his horn again and some strange magic occurs which transforms the cimmerian wolves into "Jackal Man-Beasts"... The transformation process of the wolves is very much like seen in WILLOW with the trolls into the Eborisk creature, the peeling of the skin off and out comes the monster.

Conan's father gets killed by many spears and a sword thrusted to his chest. Conan makes avow to hunt down and kill Singh.

10 years pass, and Conan is more like Korgoth of Barbaria now, lol. But he's searching for Singh and carries some kinda wanted poster made out flesh of all the evil Warlord's henchman (something outve a wild west film I think). So he starts his quest of hunting down all the culprits and extracting the location of Singh who now lives in some fortress resembling Mordor.

Conan happens to come across some big battle, defeating some evil warriors and captures Singh's prize in the form of Queen Tamara happening to allude capture by his guards and ending up in Conan's hands instead. Conan stages some mock tranfer of the Queen to Singh, but it's a ruse so that Conan can slay him on a sneak attack. Conan loses this fight and is wounded and retreats. Singh blows his horn and archers with 4 arms use arrows with arrow heads dipped in scorpion blood and even with their remains still attached and launch them at Conan and the arrows block out they sky... but Conan fends off the arrows and manages to out distance them.

There is also an offer from Singh to make Conan a general in his legions, much like outve 300, between Leonidas and Xerxes.

The Red Brotherhood make an appearence, but of no real worth in this script, there is no Valeria. They mainly ferry Conan to safety under the orders/pay of one of Queen Tamara's loyals.

Conan and Tamara is of course the developed love interest in this script.

The end of this story is quite generic.

Tamara becomes captured again and Singh makes her unleash her inner powers through some ritual and Acheron begins to rise again, some demons and pyramids rise and shit like that. Conan sneaks into the fortress to save the Queen and kill Singh. Conan battles Remo, one of Singh most powerful and able warriors and bodyguard... He's rather like Brak was in CTB... and he's got sharpened teeth rather like that 'Negro Pitfighter' from CTB. Conan slays him.

Then Conan battles Singh. The evil warlord/sorcerer Singh happens to be also an expert swordsman with magic enhanced reflexes and inhuman strength, as seen in the opening of the script -- during his battle against the Cimmerians and Conan's father, Corin. Well Conan and Singh battle, and Singh breaks his father's sword with his own. Conan utters some praise like, "It's only through suffering does a sword get its strength" and "For my father, for my people." Conan then cuts through Singh's throat and kills him.

The end of the story finishes with Conan leaving the Queen after a kiss, Conan is battered and wounded but rides off into the distance.

*The killing of Singh with the broken sword is an obvious echo of CTB movie.

So this movie is actually a loose remake... but mind you this seems to be a first draft or such.[b]

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Turanian War Officer

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PostSubject: Re: The New CONAN movie script and some of my thoughts   Wed 22 Apr - 19:06

pale :cry: silent
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Flaming Turd

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PostSubject: Re: The New CONAN movie script and some of my thoughts   Wed 22 Apr - 19:37

Well, at least as they promised, this new movie will be "WAY MORE FAITHFUL TO HOWARD THAN THAT ARSE OF MILIUS' WAS".....

Truth is, not only they totally ignore Howard but they clone the Milius' storyline -(which initially they are shitting on)

I think I already said this once, but... why they don't give this new Conan movie project directly to a chimpanzee with a pencil in his asshole ??? The result can't be worse than this!
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Cromulus The Destroyer

Number of posts : 1395
Localisation : Brooklyn, New York
Registration date : 2007-01-22

PostSubject: Re: The New CONAN movie script and some of my thoughts   Wed 22 Apr - 19:46

Flame, the best this imitation can do is introduce Conan to a new generation and maybe help gain CTB more praise, even if indirectly. Laughing

But the sad thing is, we'll never get CTB again. Milius turned into a sloth and his CONAN 3 script was medicore as well. Seems we gotta settle to just get another cloned CTB via Hollywood... which fucking sucks I know.

If they get a half decent actors, then this movie may be watchable... but it is just a generic and composited script/film.

Also the closest name I can get for Singh is the 'The Great Khali Singh' wrestler. Shocked


My only real opinion is use Milius' first CTB draft and restart with new actor(s). But the idea of a none Basil Poledouris soundtrack bothers me more than Arnold not as Conan these days.
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PostSubject: Re: The New CONAN movie script and some of my thoughts   

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The New CONAN movie script and some of my thoughts
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