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 Grandma's Kitchen

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Flaming Turd

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PostSubject: Grandma's Kitchen   Fri 26 Jun - 4:28

Recent discoveries point that the HOMO ANTECESSOR (first human species ever in Europe) was cannibal. And not in a ritualistic way (eating parts of the dead relatives, like the heart, as a way of literally "being part of them") as it was believed before, but in a gastronomic way. I mean, they loved it! Thorgrim They prefered children and teenagers, apparently.

Now, this is absolutely Tobe Hooperish, and dark. Truth is our old cousins the chimpanzees are very dark also, they also feed on other monkeys:

and they also even practice cannibalism in certain highly stressful situations -apparently only with cubs, so this could be pretty similar to the facts found with the fossilized Homo Antecessor-. The dominant males sometimes came into some kind of apeshit rage, for example after a failed hunt of some animal, and in frustration they hit females and cubs... Sometimes they stole a cub from a female and after killing it, they feed on it.

So looks like this is Milius' darkest dream came true (also Lovecraft's)... One thing I allways found interesting is that neither Conan, Subotai or Valeria find strange or make any commentary about the cannibalism they find in the cave. They even ignore it when arriving to the Orgy, and call the place "a Paradise"!

Though of course this cannibalism of hominids is rare and was not the milestone of their culture, as Mulius wrotte. They used to feed on fruit and hunt any other kind of animals, just like chimps does. But this dark moments of crazy violence also happened, but wait a minute, same dark crazy moments of violence happens with our species even today. Some dominant males still batter females and kids, when in frustration... so who wants to speak about evolution foufou Just a reflexion...
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Pictish Scout

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PostSubject: Re: Grandma's Kitchen   Fri 26 Jun - 21:49

Thor Heyerdahl wrote a book called "Fatu Hiva" which told about him and his wife living for a year on a (nearly) deserted South Seas island. One old guy they met there admitted he had been a cannibal. When they asked him what is the best part of a human to eat, the most delicious, he thought for a while, then said, "White woman's fore-arm".

So now - add that to your recipe books...
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Flaming Turd

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PostSubject: Re: Grandma's Kitchen   Sun 28 Jun - 3:50

Man, I don't know why i'm still using photobucket. It's hilarious, really. So, they CENSORED the pic of a fucking NUDE APE!!!! Laughing Guess they found it too erotic?? Laughing

Yeah, I guess the gore also could have been a reason, BUT they have already censored me so many times ONLY because of nude bodies in examples as idiots as 16th century classic art... Can you believe it.

Well, for the old gore lovers Mr. Green some more images of grandma and grandpa munching:

These ones are from a museum in Atapuerca, Spain (site where apparently these first europeans lived). They have probably lived around in other countries, though haven't being found yet, and also they are only the older ones FOUND, so who really knows.

I don't like that much to see them as monsters, like these trollish from the Milius' script... Though they practiced cannibalism and surely also had attacks of crazy violence just like modern apes, that's only a part of them, and surely as gorillas for example had a tender and sweet, peaceful side.

The theme of cannibalism, man, is fucking scary because it hits you in the guts. I mean, is like the first taboo ever, and almost every culture no matter how primitive feel repulsion over the very thought of eating human flesh. On the other hand, some cultures practice it, and one wonders how they started doing it, like breaking that so visceral taboo, and is probable that it had some kind of religious connotations (like feeding on the dead relatives to make their flesh "come back" with their own flesh), or also that could have happened in times of extreme lack of food, so that culture started doing it and then it became something natural and accepted.

I remember the (amazing) movie "QUEST FOR FIRE" of 1981, where the Neaderthal heroes find a cannibal Neanderthal tribe who feeds on cro-mangnons. The Neaderthal heroes are deeply disgusted with the feeding habits of the Neanderthal cannibals. So, it's not like it happens in a whole species, but in concrete tribes or specific cultures by reasons previously exposed. Well, all this being just pure speculation of course.

Quote :
Still, White says, "we are not claiming that all Neanderthals were cannibals, rather, that there were some cannibals among the Neanderthals."


It's a serious interesting article which also say that ironically, the fact that these ancient humans practiced cannibalism with their dead relatives, far for probing they were brutes, show a sofistication of mind instead, as they had the belief in spirit.

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PostSubject: Re: Grandma's Kitchen   

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Grandma's Kitchen
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