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 Anything missing from "Ultimate Edition" album?

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Pictish Scout

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PostSubject: Anything missing from "Ultimate Edition" album?   Fri 28 Aug - 12:30

Hi guys, sorry to make another thread so soon but I thought I'd throw this out here and see what comes up.

I've only been a Conan fan for the last few years now but always loved the music. I'm sure like many of you I at least listen to a track or two daily and love to listen to it throughout from time to time. I have the original soundtrack but recently tracked down the fanmade "Ultimate Edition".

I was just wondering if anything is missing from it? I'm kind of obsessed with the music and pretty much want ever extra/missing or alternative track there is. Here's a screenshot of the back track listing. (Note: It doesn't mention it but it does contain "Tower of Set")

PS-I currently have The Conan OST, Conan Destroyer OST, Conan expanded, Conan Ultimate Edition and Conan fanmade piano collection. That piano collection was posted on this forum. :)

Thanks :)
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Flaming Turd

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PostSubject: Re: Anything missing from "Ultimate Edition" album?   Tue 1 Sep - 12:29

Don't know that edition but it looks like it has pretty much all of it. Not sure about having the last tracks of CTB and then the CTD following in the same cd, though.

You should try with other Poleduris soundtracks, I think. Instead of searching for more CTB bootlges and versions which doesn't really differ one from each other but in terms of quality. I think, you already own all I think. Why don't you try with the "Flesh and Blood" sountrack, which was also made with ancient instruments and around the same time than the CTB soundtracks?

Also, the soundtrack for the Milius' film "Wind and the Lion" by Goldsmith is really beautiful.
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PostSubject: where can I find this   Sat 1 Jan - 21:27

Where can I find or purchase a copy of this CD? Is it available anywhere? Someone please get back to me!
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PostSubject: Re: Anything missing from "Ultimate Edition" album?   

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Anything missing from "Ultimate Edition" album?
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