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 "Zone of the Dead", John Milius references

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PostSubject: "Zone of the Dead", John Milius references   Sat 5 Jun - 8:26

I watched a 2009 Serbian zombie movie titled "ZONE OF THE DEAD".

Cast included Ken Foree, the black big dude from the original Romeros' "Dawn of the Dead". Also a really hot woman, Kristina Klebe, as agent MILIUS.

Yep, she is called agent MILIUS. And I say this is a direct reference to John Milius: the story is also explicitly about the end of western civilization, and in many ocassions the characters speak about how bad the creation of civilization was for humanity, and how now in the end of it the "barbarian times" return and only the strongest (and properly armed) will prevail. There's even a main character who is a sort of rogue ala Conan, who in the end grabs a samurai sword and is supposed to incarnate a sword-handing saviour or something.

Swords, gun-loving, anti-civilization shit and Milius as the name of the main character...

Well, I think my instinct doesn't fail me if I claim this movie is obviously made by a John Milius fan.

Now, how's the movie? Well... if you are into zombie flicks (as I am) you definitely need to watch this. Otherwise don't do it. It's really good compared to other zombie-crap out there, but it's really bad as a single film. The main cast is surprisingly good though, and the action scenes are quite good too. The script is bad and makes zero sense. Agent Milius is yummy. You really don't need to watch this unless you've watched Snyder's "Dawn of the Dead" a hundred times and still want more (then I highly recommend you the "Dead Set" miniseries better).

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"Zone of the Dead", John Milius references
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