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 War gods of Babylon and CONAN/Red Sonja?

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PostSubject: War gods of Babylon and CONAN/Red Sonja?   Wed 12 Dec - 16:07

Came across this guys web-site, who put up some interesting comparisons, to this rather obscure sword and sandal fantasy film of the 1960's.

The movie opens with the First scene with a raid on the hero's village:

Quote :
So what's going on? Are we simply witnessing the much overused plot cliché of the random peasant village being attacked, it's inhabitants slaughtered, and the buildings (or in this case blankets used as tents) burned to the ground without rhyme or reason? This is, more or less, how Conan the Barbarian, Red Sonja, and half their low budget sword and sorcery imitators began.

Ah, but there's difference amidst the similarities! First, the lone survivor is a red haired young woman. Aside from Red Sonja it's usually a male child who survivors. Second, there's sadly no riddle of steel in sight or any other thread weaving through the story that motivates the surviving character to become a sword wielding heroine. Third, this movie came out decades before either Conan or Red Sonja!
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War gods of Babylon and CONAN/Red Sonja?
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