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PostSubject: awesome   Tue 15 Jan - 0:43

Well for some reason I can't get my password sent to me, and I can't log in... but I was just wondering if either of you two were working on a research paper related to this stuff, or are you guys sort of on a tangent? I'm not knocking it, its frigging awesome you guys are pulling out so much data. I think a lot of it is far more indepth than some of them may have gone to make the movie, but it is very apt research none the less.

kudos and thumbs up.
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PostSubject: Re: awesome   Tue 15 Jan - 18:30

Whoops, that was suposed to go in the symbology thread... scratch
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Flaming Turd

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PostSubject: Re: awesome   Tue 15 Jan - 19:20

Ehh... If you are talking about us... scratch Are you?

I am personally just an amateur... I just find PLEASURE doing that stuff, I don't want to talk about Cromulus as he can perfectly do that for himself Wink , but I guess it's the same for him.

You know, internet is a pool of info. It depends on how you use it. I am not too literate, really, I just know some little facts and then I make a research. What I like is the surprises I get, each time I look for something concrete. Also, it gets more and more sense, and the whole movie gets bigger and more interesting. And then it's not just the movie, it's a lot of shit we find about general mythology and symbolisms.

Cool you like it, friend.
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Cromulus The Destroyer

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PostSubject: Re: awesome   Tue 15 Jan - 20:54

Well, as a Scorpio, I have a natural inquisitive nature, always searching for some deep meaning or truth . drunken Wink

Like Turd, its a hobby. I love History & Mythology and the CONAN movie uses a lot each..but whats so powerful about it, is that its hidden, not like crap like National Treasure or Da Vinci Code nonsense or a flat out Religious movie like a Ben Hur or such.

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PostSubject: Re: awesome   

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