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 Gary Busey training for Big Wednesday

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Gary Busey training for Big Wednesday Empty
PostSubject: Gary Busey training for Big Wednesday   Gary Busey training for Big Wednesday EmptySun 20 Apr - 22:17

Was just reading Vince Gironda's website and found this piece:

Quote :
John Milius sent Gary Busey to work with Vince in order to get ready
for "The Big Wednesday".

Once he got there Gary saw a photo of Arnold doing a most muscular pose.

Gary Busey: "I don't want to look like that"

Vince Gironda: "Don't worry, we'll stop just before you get to look
like that".


Here's another one:

Quote :
Q. I read in Wendy Leigh's unauthorized biography of Arnold that when he first came to the United States he came to your gym to train with you. According to the book, he introduced himself as Mr. Universe and you said, "You look like a fat fu*k to me." Is that true?

Vince. I wouldn't say anything derogatory about Arnold. I'm too smart for that. She (Wendy Leigh) tried to get me to give her information which I refused to do.

Q. I'm not looking for any dirt on Arnold. I just find it interesting that you didn't bow down to him.

Vince. All I saw was a fat guy standing in front of my desk. And I told him so.

Q. Was he offended?

Vince. Oh yes. But he came back two weeks later after Zane (who weighs the same as I do and is the same height) beat him at a contest and he said, "I see what you mean."
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Gary Busey training for Big Wednesday
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