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 Schwarzenegger as Dr. Manhattan

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Flaming Turd
Flaming Turd

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PostSubject: Schwarzenegger as Dr. Manhattan   Schwarzenegger as Dr. Manhattan EmptyWed 10 Jun - 15:11

During the 90's Terry Gilliam (ex-Monty Python, director of "12 monkeys") was involved in writting and directing the "WATCHMEN" movie project.

The producer was JOEL SILVER, who wanted ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER to play DR. MANHATTAN character.

That could have been a damn great movie rabbit

The choice of Arnold I think wasn't a bad idea. He wouldn't have to act much, I think, but he should have need some kind of ZEN-like quality.

Schwarzenegger as Dr. Manhattan 2b5eec38562006

The look would have been sorta similar to that Mr. Freeze on that shitty movie of that shitty dark superhero.

Schwarzenegger as Dr. Manhattan F3a58038562009 Schwarzenegger as Dr. Manhattan 8f94c538562226

So he would have probably been ARNOLD naked (though surely not full naked...) with body-painting. Hey, I kinda like the idea, would have been good seeing him exposing his body again, in Arnold's movies during the 90's we never saw his muscles...

In the actual movie of Zack Snyder the character was played by an actor then heavily re-touched with cgi effects.

Schwarzenegger as Dr. Manhattan 86ee9c38562011

Anyway I must say this character was the thing I liked the most about Snyder's movie.

...well besides Silk Spectre's thighs... Razz

Though not related with CONAN... I "watched WATCHMEN" Mr. Green yesterday and I didn't like it that much... I got bored though I admit there were excellent ideas there. But, wait, that is not Snyder's merit !! scratch His merit was translating the comic drawings successfully into moving photography and indeed he was successful there but the storyline just doesn't work, least for me. It feels false. I never idolatred the comic so I think I'm sort of objective when I say I think the comic of WATCHMEN was about some interesting topics, while the movie of WATCHMEN is not about any topic but looking good.

Saw the movie, guys? Any opinions?
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Cromulus The Destroyer
Cromulus The Destroyer

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PostSubject: Re: Schwarzenegger as Dr. Manhattan   Schwarzenegger as Dr. Manhattan EmptyWed 10 Jun - 19:19

The movie was very crazy and really not that good. Arnold in these type of roles are I think more throwaway and of paycheck value. He shouldve did more epic period pieces or stuck to sequels to CONAN and PREDATOR, however he could never get rid of his accent which I think makes him unbelievable in many roles, like say a Sgt.Rock movie. Throughout the 90's he basically played himself from T2, with just more comedy.
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Schwarzenegger as Dr. Manhattan
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