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 Terry O'Neill in CTD

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Terry O'Neill in CTD Empty
PostSubject: Terry O'Neill in CTD   Terry O'Neill in CTD EmptyThu 11 Jun - 18:38

I mean wtf! So whats with his asshole bit background part during Zula's introduction?LOL You wouldve thought Arnold woulve gotten him cast as Malak or another sidekick. foufou

I think Franco Columbu and Terry O'Neil wouldve been good choices as not only Malak but also as partve Conan's small band of rogues he leads on his quest that can get killed off along the way or some shit. CTD wouldve benifted from a Dirty Dozen like set-up, with Arnold recruiting people, I rather liked how he went and got the Wizard Akiro on his own initiative to combat evil and have backup he can trust.

Also, Mako was in terrific shape in CTD and also better character persona. I think he wouldve been a better choice for Subotai in CTB.

CTD couldve used Lou Forigno and Christopher Lee. If Lee played Toth-Amon and that character had better development, the movie really couldve been a heck of alot better and probably eclipsed CTB.

Also Andre the Giant shouldve been Toth's "Man-Ape" beast man and personal bodyguard. Arnold vs Andre wouldve been uncanny.

Wilt as Bombatta worked
Grace Jones as Zula worked
Olive D'Abo as Jehna worked
Sarah Douglas as Queen Taramis worked

Pat Roach as Toth didnt work
and Tracy Walther as Malak sure as hell didnt work,lol.

Also the movie couldve benefited with bigger budget on the effects and make-up department. Someone like Rick Baker shouldve been involved on both movies.
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Terry O'Neill in CTD
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