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 Interesting article on "The Cimmerian"

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Interesting article on "The Cimmerian" Empty
PostSubject: Interesting article on "The Cimmerian"   Interesting article on "The Cimmerian" EmptyTue 27 Oct - 1:08

About the 75th aniversary of the character:

I think these "pop" aniversaries we are used to do are actually nothing but the celebration of the "pop" significance of the characters, not really about their true origin or anything. If these characters weren't so popular (and therefore bastardized) no aniversary would be, at all. Maybe the fans of REh would do an intimate celebration of only the original literary seed, but this is different because it's massive, therefore it's the celebration of the existence of Conan in the media. In a way, it's the celebration of the success of the character. Why be negative and take it as an offense? I mean, nobody is burning or erasing REH's work, it's still there. Why the REH's Conan must be the only one? It's already unique. No other REH's Conan can exist anymore, not even if done by the best Howard clone ever. Marvel's Conan wasn't Reh's either... Milius' Conan was Milius's, not Reh's Conan... Fleisher's Conan was not Milius', not Reh's... There's a place for everyone of them. One may like all, or only some, or only one of these different Conans, obviously. Why the existence of the others endanger the existence of the original? Ok, it's true the media doesn't treat things with care and doesn't give each of them their own places and mix all of them and treat them like it's only one... But deleting every of them but Reh's, that is something that isn't fair, either. I don't agree with that "REH guerrilla" thing, honestly. But to be fair, I woulnd't agree with a "Milius guerrilla" either.

I can profoundly understand fans. I was one. It actually hurts to see how the media uses the name of your favourite character and makes something without any kind of care, heart of true strenght. It's actually disrespectful to the audience, who spected other thing. It's a cheating. So, when a fan claims for something faithful, I think they are asking for something good. And fans deserve something good. Why not?? They love the character, why give someone who loves something not worthy? I honestly understand the frustration and the rage. Honestly.

Other things actually I don't understand or like (but I previously mentioned them in other threads activating some annoyed responses). But both sides are true.
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Interesting article on "The Cimmerian"
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