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 Conan "specs"

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PostSubject: Conan "specs"   Conan "specs" EmptyFri 27 Nov - 19:52

I just wondered if R.E. Howard gave some exact numbers about Conan`s weight/height.
Some authors tend to give their figures exact numbers, James Bond for example is according to Fleming 183 cm tall and weighs 76 kg.

I know Conan got often described as tall and muscular, but did Howard gave away any numbers? Have Conan ever met physically bigger men then himself?
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PostSubject: Re: Conan "specs"   Conan "specs" EmptySat 28 Nov - 0:35

About the very last question, yes, many times. One of them was a giant black assassin who strangled his victims in the story "SHADOWS OF ZAMBOULA".

Though, Conan ended to be being tougher than him, and ultimately stronger. Think about more equilibrated power, like a smaller Bruce Lee able to beat a guy 2 times his size.

Quote :
Slightly taller than Conan and much heavier, Ball-pteor loomed before him, a daunting image of muscular development. His mighty arms were unnaturally long, and his great hands opened and closed, twitching convulsively. Conan released the hilt of his imprisoned sword and fell silent, watching his enemy through slitted lids.

And like the stroke of twin cobras, the great hands closed on Conan’s throat. The Cimmerian made no attempt to dodge or fend them away, but his own hands darted to the Kosalan’s bull-neck. Baal-pteor’s black eyes widened as he felt the thick cords of muscles that protected the barbarian’s throat. With a snarl he exerted his inhuman strength, and knots and lumps of ropes of thews rose along his massive arms. And then a choking gasp burst from him as Conan’s fingers locked on his throat. For an instant they stood there like statues, their faces masks of effort, veins beginning to stand out purply on their temples. Conan’s thin lips drew back from his teeth in a grinning snarl. Baal-pteor’s eyes were distended, in them grew an awful surprise and the glimmer of fear. Both men stood motionless as images, except for the expanding of their muscles on rigid arms and braced legs, but strength beyond common concept was warring there – strength that might have uprooted trees and crushed the skulls of bullocks.

"Savage sword #14" (1976):

Conan "specs" Savage_Sword_of_Conan_014-29

Conan "specs" Savage_Sword_of_Conan_014-30

Conan "specs" Savage_Sword_of_Conan_014-31
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Conan "specs"
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