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 Milius' Doom and Marvel

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Milius' Doom and Marvel Empty
PostSubject: Milius' Doom and Marvel   Milius' Doom and Marvel EmptyMon 7 Mar - 22:08

Milius' Doom and Marvel Nenaunir3

Quote :
Occupation: former ruler of Zembabwei;
former Prophet and High Priest of Damballah

Quote :
Thoth-Amon and several others seem to think it was just another name for Set, although Nenaunir strongly protested every time they named him as such.
It doesn't seem too likely to be the African/Voodoo Serpent God, primarily due to the age (12000 years ago), and its evil nature.
My guess is that it is most likely the Damballah that is the spawn of Set, first seen in Dr. Strange II#48, and confirmed in the Silver Surfer III Annual#2/7.
Still, it remains uncertain, whether it is one of these beings, or a different being altogether.

Seems there is so many parallels and inspirations, I wonder of Roy Thomas/Marvels contribution. Laughing
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Milius' Doom and Marvel
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