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 Shoulder/Waist scabbard from '82 movie

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Pictish Scout

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Shoulder/Waist scabbard from '82 movie Empty
PostSubject: Shoulder/Waist scabbard from '82 movie   Shoulder/Waist scabbard from '82 movie EmptyWed 7 Dec - 16:36

I'm fascinated by the scabbard Arnold uses; that it can be worn both over the shoulder and strapped around the waist. You see him slide the strap off his shoulder and tighten it around his waist just as they're about to attack the Orgy chamber.

In the commentary portion of the DVD, Arnold mentions that Milius had it made to work both ways, which tells me it was an actual working model, not just trickery for the camera.

Does anyone have any insight or information on how the scabbard was constructed?

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The Axe
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The Axe

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Shoulder/Waist scabbard from '82 movie Empty
PostSubject: thoughts on the scabbard   Shoulder/Waist scabbard from '82 movie EmptyThu 12 Jan - 16:03

Hi, from what I know of swords and scabbards it's likely that all they did was have the loops directly attached to the back of the scabbard instead of have the scabbard hang like a regular western style sword, that way they can either extend a single loop so it's more of a sleeve the belt can run through, separate the usual two loops further, or even add loops down most of the scabbard. That way when it's on his back it sits diagonally, rather than hang straight down, and if you notice, when it's on his waist it sticks out backwards almost like a katana does.

Which would tie in with the ia-do training he apparently underwent for the role.

The belt is just longer than normal so it fits across chest as well as waist
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Shoulder/Waist scabbard from '82 movie
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