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 Merle Haggard as King Osric's Gaurd

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Merle Haggard as King Osric's Gaurd Empty
PostSubject: Merle Haggard as King Osric's Gaurd   Merle Haggard as King Osric's Gaurd EmptyFri 27 Sep - 14:28

Years ago I was watching Conan t B. on an old VHS tape. As the closing credits scrolled, SEVERAL of us noticed Merle Haggards name in the credits. Shocked and surprised, we rewound and found the scene with Max Von Sydow as King Osric, and at his side, not speaking a line, his Gaurd....WHO LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE MERLE HAGGARD!!! Years passed....Recently, I did some Internet research and FOUND NO MENTION OF MERLE HAGGARD IN CONECTION WITH C T B!!! King Osric's Gaurd is credited to Garry Harman or something like that....THAT GENTLEMAN'S ONLY FILM ROLE EVER!!! The people I was with when we discovered Haggard in the credits confirm my memory, so I was not dreaming. So, is there a conspiracy to rewrite history and strike Merle Haggards name from the credits? Anyon have an old VhS? Any info at all?
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Merle Haggard as King Osric's Gaurd
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