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 New Conan The Barbarian Series

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PostSubject: New Conan The Barbarian Series   New Conan The Barbarian Series EmptyThu 1 Oct - 15:01

I just saw that a new Conan drama series was in the works at Netflix. Maybe Netflix will get it right this time because I wasn't too fond of Destroyer or the 2011 Conan. Hopefully it'll be based on the 1982 film. I hope they bring back the greatest villian of all time: Thulsa Doom. Only James Earl Jones can play that part. They could make him look younger with that technology they use to take decades off old actors (Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button and Samuel L. Jackson in Captain Marvel). Kalahar Zyn just doesn't do it. It'll be very interesting if it is filmed in the style of the Cobra Kai (the Karate Kid spinoff) series by telling the villian's side of the story in a way that maybe "humanizes" him. They could incorporate some of Robert E. Howard's works as well to tell of his origins. If they bring back Arnold, it'll be interesting to see how that works due to his age now verses how young and fit he was back then.


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New Conan The Barbarian Series
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