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 GLADIATOR 2 Script Review

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GLADIATOR 2 Script Review Empty
PostSubject: GLADIATOR 2 Script Review   GLADIATOR 2 Script Review EmptyMon 21 Apr - 10:43

...where Maximus agrees to go on a mission in exchange for being reunited with his lost love. Did they stole the CONAN 2 premise or what ? Laughing

(very very weird ending, by the way) Shocked
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Cromulus The Destroyer
Cromulus The Destroyer

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GLADIATOR 2 Script Review Empty
PostSubject: Re: GLADIATOR 2 Script Review   GLADIATOR 2 Script Review EmptyMon 21 Apr - 16:43

Yeah, obviously taken from the CONAN movies and even KING CONAN script, as Conan is once more ressurected.

Not sure what a MOREDECAI has to do with Roman gods, thats a Jewish name, one can only assume Maximus is now a golem. foufou Rolling Eyes

Olive Stoned should direct. Laughing
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GLADIATOR 2 Script Review
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