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 Conan the Barbarian in Ipod format

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Conan the Barbarian in Ipod format Empty
PostSubject: Conan the Barbarian in Ipod format   Conan the Barbarian in Ipod format EmptyThu 29 May - 3:15

itunes has long held out on releasing this title, but I have found it for $1.99 on an alternative site called This is a website operated out of Russia which offers many titles in multiple formats for very low prices. I'm sure that this company is not in total compliance with copyright laws and such, but they are probably somewhat shielded from foreign prosecution. Anyways, you have to register and buy credits which are not directly paid to ZML, but to a payment service (kind of like paypal) then you use the credits to purchase the titles that you want. There are many titles available in multiple formats such as DVD, DIVX, PC, and of course IPOD. It should be noted that not all titles are available in IPOD format though. There is a minimum credit purchase of about $20.00. I was pretty skeptical about this site, so before I registered, I did some checking and found that there were some pretty satisfied customers. The first title that I chose was CTB (ipod format) of course, the download was pretty quick but I was a little disappointed in the resolution. However, some of the newer titles were much clearer. Anyways, just a little FYI...
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Conan the Barbarian in Ipod format
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