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 Origin on the name "Rexor"

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Origin on the name "Rexor" Empty
PostSubject: Origin on the name "Rexor"   Origin on the name "Rexor" EmptyFri 25 Dec - 20:03

I cam across this and thought it very possible:

The name may not only be a homage to Rexer, Milius' friend and witchdoctor but also this Grecian name of "Rhexenor" which means:

rhexénor = breaking through ranks of men

Quote :

Rhexenor (Ῥηξήνωρ), two mythical personages, one the father of Chalciope, and the second a son of Nausithous the king of the Phaeacians, and accordingly a brother of Alcinous

Quote :
Rhêxênor, characters in Greek mythology:

* Father of Chalciope in the Golden Fleece legend
* Son of Nausithous and father of Arete in the Odyssey
* One of Diomedes' companions in the Trojan War who were transformed into birds
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Origin on the name "Rexor"
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