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 Wheel of Pain taken from Cabiria(1914)

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Wheel of Pain taken from Cabiria(1914) Empty
PostSubject: Wheel of Pain taken from Cabiria(1914)   Wheel of Pain taken from Cabiria(1914) EmptyWed 17 Aug - 2:49

Quote :
The Cabiria scene in which Maciste pushes a mill wheel for ten years seemingly inspired John Milius, (interestingly, a self-admitted 'zen-fascist') who shot a similar one for his movie Conan the Barbarian.

From 4:50 it starts. The character is sorta like Ahnuld's Conan, boyish, arrogant and brutish .

Also funny how CTB plays like an old silent movie,lol. To bad Milius didnt let Arnold break his chains like Maciste there, that was more dramatic and showed more the power of Conan. rambo
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Wheel of Pain taken from Cabiria(1914)
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