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 Spanish Conan Promotional Display

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Spanish Conan Promotional Display Empty
PostSubject: Spanish Conan Promotional Display   Spanish Conan Promotional Display EmptySun 8 Oct - 18:23

Hi folks, new member, lifelong Conan fan! :)

I found a great Conan promotional item recently, but I've been trying to find out anything about it and have not been able to find anything like it online.

Spanish Conan Promotional Display Photo10

It appear's to be a promotional display for the launch of a Spanish version of the comic, "La Espada Salvaje de Conan el Barbaro". It has the first issue of the comic attached to it (unfortunately the plastic wrap has been torn in one corner). It's dated 2005 in one of the corners.

Anybody know anything about this item? Is it as cool a find as it seems to be? It's got a place of glory to sit in my collection right now! :D
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Spanish Conan Promotional Display
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