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 Secret Cult of the Hashishin

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Secret Cult of the Hashishin Empty
PostSubject: Secret Cult of the Hashishin   Secret Cult of the Hashishin EmptyTue 6 Nov - 0:12

From "A History of Secret Societies" by Arkon Daraul (Citadel Press - 1961/1989):

Quote :
Two men in the year 1092 stood on the ramparts of a medieval castle - the Eagle's Nest - perched high upon the crags of the Persian mountains: the personal representative of the Emperor and the veiled figure who claimed to be the incarnation of God on earth. Hasan, son of Sabah, Sheikh of the Mountains and leader of the Assassins, spoke: "You see that devotee standing guard on yonder turret-top? Watch!" He made a signal. Instantly the white-robed figure threw up his hands in salutation, and cast himself two thousand feet into the foaming torrent which surrounded the fortress. "I have seventy thousand men - and women - throughout Asia, each one of them ready to do my bidding. Can your master, Malik Shah, say the same? And he asks me to surrender to his sovereignty! This is your answer. Go!" Such a scene may be worthy of the most exaggerated of horror films. And yet it took place in historical fact.

More info here:

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Secret Cult of the Hashishin
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