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 Flashback to 1982! via net.movies archives

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Flashback to 1982! via net.movies archives Empty
PostSubject: Flashback to 1982! via net.movies archives   Flashback to 1982! via net.movies archives EmptySun 8 Jun - 17:42

Newsgroups: net.movies
From: houxa!dcs
Date: Tue May 18 00:49:30 1982
Local: Tues, May 18 1982 12:49 am
Subject: Conan movie

This is my first-ever submission to newsnet --
hopefully I can get it right.
Has anyone seen the new Conan film or heard anything
about it? Looks trashy but may be decent --
like so many other fantasy-type movies.
-- Dave Simen, BTL Neptune


Newsgroups: net.movies
From: we13!scc
Date: Tue May 18 01:12:49 1982
Local: Tues, May 18 1982 1:12 am
Subject: Review on Conan The Barbarian

I saw Conan this weekend and was a little disappointed. I had heard that
it was supose to be another Star Wars or Raiders of the lost Arc. It wasn't..
The movie showed alot of explicit violence. (Heads being decapitated-Juglar
viens being cut-ect.) In this type movie I sure they thought
this type of violence was necessary. The even had a little sex thrown
in to try to hold your attention. There was just something missing.
On a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 3.


Newsgroups: net.movies
From: eiss!pd
Date: Tue May 18 01:48:11 1982
Local: Tues, May 18 1982 1:48 am
Subject: Re: Conan movie

"Conan" - a very fiesty entertaining, basic blood and guts and lust formula,
built into a Star Wars-type Greek Myth framework. A visual feast, and a
treat to one's baser instinct. A must if in a agressive frame of mind.
Heinz must have made a lot of money on this one.


Newsgroups: net.movies
From: rabbit!jj
Date: Tue May 18 01:19:10 1982
Local: Tues, May 18 1982 1:19 am
Subject: Conan: not as bad as expected, but..

I was (more or less) coerced into watching Conan last Friday.
I had expected to be totally insulted by the movie, and I was pleasantly
surprised. On a scale of 1-10 in complexity, it rates about 1.5,
but on an entertainment scale, it rates about 5.5, which is better than
most. As far as the sex and gore, it had some (but less than expected) of
either. It was not in the horror movie genre, with blood strewn over the
set, as a metter of fact, the dead people seemed to be almost neat about
bleeding off camera (most of the time). There were several decapitations, but
the effect was (swing) thump! There was only one visible decapitation, and
that was of the baddie, at the end. It could have been a LOT worse.
If you like adventure/D&D/fantasy, you might take the time (and $$) If not,
see Victor/Victoria instead.(Great movie)


Newsgroups: net.movies
From: eagle!cw
Date: Tue May 18 01:51:08 1982
Local: Tues, May 18 1982 1:51 am
Subject: Conan review in New York

The May 24 issue of "New York" magazine has a lengthy review of "Conan"
by David Denby. The review is not very encouraging and ends

"He turns Schwarzenegger back into nothing more than a large
piece of sculpture, the Steve Reeves of the eighties."

The "NY Times" didn't like "Conan", nor did the "Newark Star-Ledger"
(these two don't agree all that often).



Newsgroups: net.movies
From: ihuxo!dpa
Date: Thu May 20 01:19:44 1982
Local: Thurs, May 20 1982 1:19 am
Subject: Conan movie

I saw Conan this past weekend and came away with a favorable impression.
While the film will not be remembered as one of the all time greats,
it does do a good job of capturing the spirit of Howard's work.
My only complaint is with the script. It tended to drag in the middle.
However, the end more than made up for it.
When you get right down to it, those who are into sword and sorcery
will like the film and those who don't won't.

-Dave Allen


Newsgroups: net.movies
From: azure!markp
Date: Thu May 20 02:03:41 1982
Local: Thurs, May 20 1982 2:03 am
Subject: Conan the Barbarian (non-spoiler)

I think I can give the flavor of the film by simply quoting (from memory)
one exchange:

"What is the good in life, Conan?"

"Crush your enemies, see them fleeing before you, and hear the lamentation
of their women."

Mark R. Paulin


Newsgroups: net.movies
From: ucbvax!upstill
Date: Thu May 20 02:08:58 1982
Local: Thurs, May 20 1982 2:08 am
Subject: Conan vs. The Road Warrior

I've seen both Conan and The Road Warrior (which opens this Friday), and
I heartily recommend the latter in preference to the former. Both are
deluxe action pictures. But one is a 'big' Hollywood production, and the
other (RW) is an independent. The difference is instructive. Conan is
self-conscious as spectacle, RW is gritty and determined. Conan is full
of the effort of trying to make the movie come up to specs, RW has a vision.
Conan is the heir (modern as it may be) of dozens of Hollywood spectaculars,
struggling to maintain scope; Road Warrior is a real original. Save your
pennies and seek out a theater with a good, LOUD sound system to see Road
Warrior. It will rattle your teeth.
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Flaming Turd

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Flashback to 1982! via net.movies archives Empty
PostSubject: Re: Flashback to 1982! via net.movies archives   Flashback to 1982! via net.movies archives EmptyMon 16 Jun - 12:19

Nice found, dude.

This forum makes me feel like we are but a bunch of archaeologists. Whiplash! Mr. Green
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Flashback to 1982! via net.movies archives
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